Was ist DodaDolls?

Mein Name ist Doda und ich bin eine passionierte Barbie-Sammlerin (bevorzugt Steffie-Face). Auf DodaDolls findet ihr Fotos aus meiner Sammlung, Puppenunikate, seltene Barbies und Accessoires, Diorama- sowie Fashion-Inspirationen. In meinem DollFinder (Puppen-Suche) möchte ich Euch helfen, Eure Wunschpuppe zu finden und nach Hause zu holen. Als Kind hatte ich einige wenige Barbies, da sich meine Eltern nicht wirklich welche leisten konnten. Meine Lieblinge waren Geschenke von Bekannten meiner Eltern aus den 70ern, die bereits von deren Kindern bespielt worden waren. Ich verliebte mich als 8-Jährige in eine Jewel Secrets Whitney / Prinzessin Laura und schwor mir insgeheim diese Puppe zu kaufen sobald ich erwachsen bin. Mehr als 20 Jahre später bestaune ich meine kleine aber feine Steffie-Face Sammlung an verpackten und unverpackten Barbies. Auch einige Fashionistas haben es mir angetan. Mit viel Freude fotografiere ich meine Mädels und baue Räumlichkeiten für ihre Puppenevents. Auf Youtube findet ihr meine Deboxing Videos der mir liebsten Puppen, Kleider, Möbelsets und Accessoires. Ich lade Euch ein auf eine farbenfrohe Reise in die virtuelle Welt der DodaDolls!

Who's DodaDolls?

My name is Doda and I am a passionate and avid Barbie collector (preferably Steffie mold). You can find pictures of my collection, one of a kind doll creations, rare Barbies and accessories, as well as diorama inspirations on my page. My DollFinder shall assist your search for your perfect doll. I want to help you bring your dream doll home! When I was young I only had a few Barbies since my parents could not afford them. Some of my favourites included vintage dolls from the 70ies that my parents' friends had given us as a gift (and which had been played with by their own children). When I was around 8 years old I fell in love with Jewel Secrets Whitney and made a silent promise to myself: "When I grow up, I shall get all the Barbies I always dreamed of." Over 20 years later I can look at a small but solid collection of boxed and unboxed Steffie mold dolls, Barbies and Fashionistas. It gives me enormous joy to photograph and pose my hybrid dolls or create rooms for their doll events. You can find my deboxing videos on Youtube, which mostly show my favourite Barbie dolls, fashions, playsets and accessoires. Let me invite you on a colourful trip into the amazing world of DodaDolls!

November 2022 - Barbie collectors are a unique breed. They are passionate about their dolls and often have extensive collections. If you're thinking about expanding or starting your own Barbie collection, there are a few things you should know before purchasing and researching your next doll. In this blog post, I show you three of the most important current tips for any collector!

masked barbie

1. Mattel's Barbie Creation Exclusives

As a Barbie collector, you're probably always on the lookout for the latest and greatest exclusive collector editions from Mattel, which usually can be found at

In the past years the pink mania coining the term "Barbiecore" has taken over the world and many big names from fashion and art emraced their own Barbie collaboration: Balenciaga and Mark Ryden, for example, just to name two.

Many of these sought after items end up being exclusively available on the Mattel website. In recent months though, many fans have complained about the technicalities of these limited sales through the Mattel Creations page.

Not only do items show up as "SOLD OUT" seconds after their supposed premiere, but also huge amounts of bots used by resellers and scalpers seem to crash the site's servers on a regular basis, preventing passionate collectors from being able to make a purchase. The recent Mark Ryden debacle (which is just a reiteration of previous sales that had doll collectors enraged) showed the limitations of Mattel's webshop once again: the limited art dolls and accessories were marked SOLD OUT seconds after going online, then becoming partially available for pre-order 20 minutes later, only to be completely sold out within the hour.

Mark Ryden Barbie

In case you find yourself on the receiving end of this chaos, keep in mind a few things when shopping these special dolls:

2. Thrifting Opportunities

There are many Barbie collectors who love to find thrifting opportunities. Barbie groups on Facebook are filled with lucky finds that sometimes seem impossible to believe. Rare Barbie dolls for less than $10 seem like utopia to some. My advice for you is: do not give up! I myself had a find of the century this year when I found a discarded Bob Mackie doll for a ridiculously low price.

Bob Mackie Goddess Asia

Remember: you may find your next doll in the most unexpected places. Check for regular/recurring flea markets in your area, be on the lookout for children's events where used toys are sold (sometimes parents and grandparents empty their attics and hand dolls over to their (grand)children so that those can earn a buck) and last but not least, keep your eyes open at antique markets - one way or the other a Barbie may find her way there!

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for Barbie items at thrift stores:

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3. Barbie Face Mold Research

Because Barbie dolls have been in production for over 50 years, there are a ton of different face molds that have been used on Barbie dolls over the decades. If you are a Barbie collector, it is important to know which face molds were used on which dolls, as this can help you to identify and/or date your dolls, as well as find the right keywords or names to spot your dream doll in online marketplaces.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular face molds that have been used on Barbie dolls over the years:

3 Barbies

For an in-depth overview and dive into Barbie's and her friends' face molds, I highly recommend the portrait and identity archive of ! They are my go-to research platform and have saved many of my collector friends a ton of time. Not to mention they are run by very nice people :)

The conclusion

Being a Barbie collector is satisfying and addictive. The hunt for your dream doll is an adventure and can be a challenge, but if you keep in mind the 3 tips listed above, you should have a pleasant journey overall!

Enjoy your doll hunt online, ⤵️ check out my listings 💕 and share this article if you want to discuss it with fellow Barbie lovers, friends or family! Stay safe.