Was ist DodaDolls?

Mein Name ist Doda und ich bin eine passionierte Barbie-Sammlerin (bevorzugt Steffie-Face). Auf DodaDolls findet ihr Fotos aus meiner Sammlung, Puppenunikate, seltene Barbies und Accessoires, Diorama- sowie Fashion-Inspirationen. In meinem DollFinder (Puppen-Suche) möchte ich Euch helfen, Eure Wunschpuppe zu finden und nach Hause zu holen. Als Kind hatte ich einige wenige Barbies, da sich meine Eltern nicht wirklich welche leisten konnten. Meine Lieblinge waren Geschenke von Bekannten meiner Eltern aus den 70ern, die bereits von deren Kindern bespielt worden waren. Ich verliebte mich als 8-Jährige in eine Jewel Secrets Whitney / Prinzessin Laura und schwor mir insgeheim diese Puppe zu kaufen sobald ich erwachsen bin. Mehr als 20 Jahre später bestaune ich meine kleine aber feine Steffie-Face Sammlung an verpackten und unverpackten Barbies. Auch einige Fashionistas haben es mir angetan. Mit viel Freude fotografiere ich meine Mädels und baue Räumlichkeiten für ihre Puppenevents. Auf Youtube findet ihr meine Deboxing Videos der mir liebsten Puppen, Kleider, Möbelsets und Accessoires. Ich lade Euch ein auf eine farbenfrohe Reise in die virtuelle Welt der DodaDolls!

Who's DodaDolls?

My name is Doda and I am a passionate and avid Barbie collector (preferably Steffie mold). You can find pictures of my collection, one of a kind doll creations, rare Barbies and accessories, as well as diorama inspirations on my page. My DollFinder shall assist your search for your perfect doll. I want to help you bring your dream doll home! When I was young I only had a few Barbies since my parents could not afford them. Some of my favourites included vintage dolls from the 70ies that my parents' friends had given us as a gift (and which had been played with by their own children). When I was around 8 years old I fell in love with Jewel Secrets Whitney and made a silent promise to myself: "When I grow up, I shall get all the Barbies I always dreamed of." Over 20 years later I can look at a small but solid collection of boxed and unboxed Steffie mold dolls, Barbies and Fashionistas. It gives me enormous joy to photograph and pose my hybrid dolls or create rooms for their doll events. You can find my deboxing videos on Youtube, which mostly show my favourite Barbie dolls, fashions, playsets and accessoires. Let me invite you on a colourful trip into the amazing world of DodaDolls!


On this page I want to let you in on some fun Barbie things I discovered online. May it be remodelling or OOAK ideas, funny pictures, dioramas, DIYs, or my favourite doll bloggers.

  1. MASKS - Sadly 2020 happens to be a tough year. I hope you all take care of yourselves and wear a mask!

    Barbie has also taken up the habit and many gorgeous dolls can be seen wearing masks on instagram.

  2. MUMMY DIY - I found this crazy Barbie mummy on ebay. A seller called "Steinebock" was offering her as a vintage OOAK. The idea seems very cool!

    You can probably try this out with various materials: fabric tape, cast / plaster strips, etc. It seems also a great idea for salvaging some broken or old dolls which look horrible and look better covered up.

  3. CRAFTS BY FROGGY - Almost everybody in the doll community knows the amazing MyFroggyStuff and her sheer endless flow of DIY ideas for dolls. I picked one of her videos as an example on how to produce some cute quarantaine doll items at home. Enjoy!

  4. TENNIS FAN - I grew up in a family of tennis fanatics. Therefore I have recently discovered the joy of getting tennis outfits for my dolls. I have some, but by far not all, so there is quite a list of items I still have to get. This year's release of the iconic Billie Jean King as part of the Inspiring Women series marked a very special moment in my collector heart. Finally a quality doll with realistic outfit and racket that is far from those rather cheaply executed playline tennis dolls of the past years!
    A funny vintage ad I stumbled upon is this quite scary looking Dusty (not Barbie) doll. She seemed to have been quite the player and apparently came with a dark skinned colleague. Enjoy some blast from the past! (and let me know if you have any cool tennis outfits for sale)

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